Roslyn Downtown Association |


The Board of Directors of the Roslyn Downtown Association (RDA) is responsible for ensuring that the RDA business and affairs are managed to meet its stated goals and objectives. The board members possess the character, skills, and appropriate qualifications and reflect a reasonable diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experience required to attain success. 

RDA Board Of Directors:

Cheri Marusa - President
Gail Dobberthien - Secretary
Valerie Lunn - Treasurer

Board Members:

Justin Zipperer
Ed Hewson
Jeri Porter
John Wyble
Jon Scholes
Mark Kantor

RDA Documents:

RDA Sec of State Corp 2024
• State Business License



The Board shall meet at least four (4) times each fiscal year and may hold additional meetings as may be necessary. One session of the Board each fiscal year shall be dedicated primarily to strategic planning.