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Creators Law Sculpture

Wildrose Dancers attended the dedication of the Creators Law Sculpture.
This plaque, installed by the Creators Law Sculpture, describes its meaning. (Click image to enlarge)

A Sacred Acknowledgement

Creators Law Sculpture

The Purpose:  “The Roslyn Downtown Association and Yakama Nation are working together to help people understand and appreciate the Yakama Nation culture, values, and ongoing efforts to protect their way of life. This work will help us bring our communities together and move forward in a good way for the benefit of future generations.”  

The RDA selected Lin McJunkin and Milo White, who used contemporary techniques (scanning cameras, CNC cutters, kilns, etc.) to represent the Yakama Nations traditional values and conveyed these messages through work that acknowledges our most sacred resources and our obligation to honor and protect them.   

Description:  A large metal and glass hand emerges from the Earth, rising from a concrete “River” with three adjacent circle benches. 

Concept:  We hope to convey the Creator’s Law with examples of how our minds, bodies, and souls are affected by the life-sustaining gifts of Earth, Water, Air, plus Natural and Cultural Resources, as interpreted for us by Yakama Nation Chairman Gerald Lewis, Terry Heemsah, other Tribal Members and Cultural Consultant Noah Oliver.

Noah Oliver, Lin Mcjunkin, Cheri Marusa, Milo White.

Renowned Sculpture Artists Lin Mcjukin and  Milo White worked with Cheri Marusa, Project lead for the RDA, and Noah Oliver, project lead for the Yakama Nation, with input from the Cultural Resource Program and Tribal Council in designing the Sacred Acknowledgment of the Creators Law Sculpture.

Thank you to the 2023 Washington State Legislators and Suncadia Funds for Community Enhancement for the grants to fund the sculpture.